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Skin Screening

*References from GP Notebook*

Dermatology for Underpriviliged Patients

In collaboration with 'Skin For All', we have laid out a simple-to-understand guide to common skin problems for patients living in deprived areas of developing countries. There is Urdu transcription for these videos. We want to thank the hard work and efforts of Naabil Khan, a 3rd year UK student for helping in the creation of this guide.

Please note that this only serves as basic patient information, not guiding management. If you are concerned about your illness, please consult a Dermatologist immediately. 

About Skin 4 All

Skin For All informs medical students about different cases and educates the public on skin conditions that are common in different populations. 

The website itself has amassed over 3K visits while capturing the attention of multiple audiences and organisations such as the BBC, University of Exeter, House of Medics, The Doctor by the BMA and the AIDS Map charity located in the UK. 

Diversity is at the heart of this website with the use of inclusive language, questions to help the public and detailed disease profiles to contribute to medical students’ learning. The platform has received high praise with many students and members of the public commenting on the accessibility of the website’s content, the comprehensive disease profiles and the varied images utilised.

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